Who We Are/What We Do

President Obama addresses a joint session of Congress.

As the voice of the ocean science community, Ocean Leadership facilitates and coordinates community interaction with decision makers in our Nation’s Capital. Ocean Leadership advocates for sound ocean policy and wise investment in ocean science, infrastructure and education. 

How Ocean Leadership Represents the Community:

Developing and Communicating Consensus

Setting Ocean Priorities
Based on recommendations from its member institutions, Ocean Leadership publishes annual Ocean Priorities that highlights the issues of highest importance for the community to convey to decision makers in Washington, DC.

Submitting Congressional Testimony
Ocean Leadership regularly submits congressional testimony and letters to Congress with regards to pending ocean legislation and appropriations measures. View recent testimonies here.

Drafting Legislation
Ocean Leadership staff frequently provides drafting assistance on ocean related legislation in consultation with experts from our member institutions as well as congressional and federal officials.

Commenting on Federal Rules and Policies
Ocean Leadership coordinates and submits comments on behalf of the community in response to federal rules, agency proposals and public documents. View past letters and comments here.

Coordinating Outreach Activities

Hosting Capitol Hill Public Policy Forum
Ocean Leadership hosts an annual Public Policy Forum on Capitol Hill that engages Members of Congress, federal agency officials, and ocean researchers on key ocean science topics. Learn more about this year’s Forum.

Sponsoring Congressional Briefings
Ocean Leadership sponsors briefings and meetings on Capitol Hill throughout the year to educate Members and staff on issues that pertain to ocean policy, pending legislation and spending bills. Learn more about these events here.

Coordinating Visits with Policymakers
Ocean Leadership regularly meets with federal agency and congressional staff to demonstrate unity and amplify our influence on issues of importance to the ocean community.