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(Click to enlarge) The U.S. Congress. (Credit: Architect of the Capitol)

Inside Climate Politics In The United States

The politics of climate change are often depicted as a simple battle, between environmentalists and particular industries, over government policy. That’s not wrong, but it’s only a rough sketch of the matter. Now a paper co-authored by MIT economist Christopher Knittel fills in some important details of the picture, revealing an essential mechanism that underlies the politics of the climate battle.

NASA Blue Marble of Eastern Hemisphere. (Credit: Wikimedia commons)

Uniting Ocean And Earth For Climate Action

This winter, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris will feature one of the largest gatherings of world leaders to ever address global warming. (From National Geographic / by Courtney Mattison) —...

Ice and open water in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. (Credit: NOAA)

Obama Calls For Global Climate Deal This Year

President Obama issued a new call late Monday for the world’s nations to agree on a climate change treaty later this year. In a speech heavy with dire descriptions of climate change and sober analysis about the scope of the problem, Obama told an Alaska audience that this “has to be the year” world leaders agree to address the issue.