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Ice and open water in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. (Credit: NOAA)

House Subcommittee Evaluates Balancing Arctic Development

This week, the House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources held a hearing on “Arctic Resources and American Competitiveness” focused on the importance of Arctic offshore energy development to Alaskan natives, the State of Alaska, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, and to our nation’s goal of energy security and independence.

As The Arctic Opens Up, The U.S. Is Down To A Single Icebreaker

Melting ice in the Arctic is creating opportunities for access to oil and gas, and shipping lanes. But the area is still mostly frozen and navigating the inhospitable region on top of the world still requires an icebreaker, the heavy duty ships that are able to crash through massive layers of ice.

Satellite image of Bering Strait, which separates the Russian Federation's Chukotskiy Poluostrovof Siberia and the United States' Seward Peninsula by only 90 kilometers. (Credit: NASA)

Polar Code Approval Is Timely For Busy Bering Strait

The Bering Strait, the narrow chokepoint between the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, has been a watery crossroads for millennia. Skin boats paddled by indigenous residents were followed by commercial whaling ships, which were followed in the 20th century by vessels supporting the newcomers who mined for gold and drilled for oil.

The airport of Resolute Bay is among the sites in Canada and Alaska which are involved in the Amalgam Dart military exercise now underway. (Credit: Jane George)

From Alaska To Finland, Big Arctic Military Exercises Get Started

The Arctic airspace from Alaska to Finland will buzz with activity over the next week, as NORAD, the U.S.-Canada alliance aimed at protecting North American airspace, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European-North American defense alliance, each start major military exercises in the skies above the Arctic.