Palmyra Atoll. (Credit: Erik Oberg/Island Conservation via Wikimedia Commons)

Obama’s Ocean Gambit

The world’s most obvious crises — Ebola, the Islamic State, the mysterious Khorasan Group — lie on land. But turmoil is also roiling the seas.

Do Plastic Bag Bans Work?

What’s the latest on efforts to ban plastic bags? How many U.S. locales have instituted some kind of ban, and have these initiatives made a dent in the amount of plastic litter?

President Trump signs new executive order on public lands protections. (Credit: The White House)

White House Releases New Agenda on Priority Strategies for Improving Climate Change Resilience

This week, the White House revealed its Climate and Natural Resources Priority Agenda, laying out four strategies to address climate resiliency – 1) foster climate-resilient lands and waters, 2) manage and enhance U.S. carbon sinks, 3) enhance community preparedness and resilience by utilizing and sustaining natural resources, and 4) modernize Federal programs, investments, and delivery of services to build resilience and enhance sequestration of biological carbon.