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Geoscience data help make local and global decisions (Credit: Wikimedia)

Good Geoscience Data Yield Good Decisions

This week’s ongoing Advances in Earth Science Briefing Series focused on these data as an asset for decision-making. Speakers highlighted the current state of data collection and its myriad uses.

Climate change impacts global food security (Credit:

Climate Change: Threatening The Pillars Of Our Global Food System

At Center for American Progress’s event, “The National Security Implications of Climate Change and Food Security,” RADM Jonathan White, USN (Ret.), President and CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, affirmed the undeniable connection between food security, climate change, and national security.

Senator Ed Markey (MA) (Credit: Wikimedia)

Bill Would Establish Climate Change Teaching Curriculum

A new bill from Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) would create a curriculum for teaching students and others about climate change. Markey introduced his bill, the Climate Change Education Act, on Friday to celebrate the first anniversary of Pope Francis’s encyclical urging the world to fight climate change.

Dr. William Easterling will lead the Geosciences Directorate at the National Science Foundation starting in June 2017. (Credit: NSF)

Changes For NSF’s Major Research Facilities

With bipartisan support, the NSF Major Research Facility Reform Act (H.R. 5049) passed in the House by roll call vote, 412-9. The bill, introduced by Representative Barry Loudermilk (GA-11), is intended to yield improved financial management and oversight of the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s major (more than $100 million) multi-user research facilities.

The Freedom of Information Act is going digital (Credit: Niklas Bildhauer / Flickr)

Freedom Of Information Revamp

The House passed The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Improvement Act, S. 337, this week by voice vote, clearing a path for the bill to reach the president’s desk.